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Privacy and exclusivity exist in harmony at Chronograph Automotive, with the majority of clients wishing to remain anonymous throughout the process of creation and ultimate ownership of their bespoke vehicle.

Although preserved in great secrecy since the project's conception and evolution, a fifth Bamford Commission build was delivered to its discerning owner in 2019. With more cars on the road they have started to become known amongst specialist automotive enthusiasts, investors and collectors.

Born from passion and a desire to create a perfected and modern but classic convertible based on the chassis and running gear of one of the last ‘true’ manual V12’s, George Bamford joined forces with Chronograph Automotive to create the Bamford Commission.

Using a balance of traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge manufacturing techniques, as well as assembling a team of specialist engineers, mechanics and on-site design support, the team was able to deliver a unique yet sympathetic, modern yet nostalgic bespoke vehicle to the client’s specification, delivering their dream car.

The dream to own such a bespoke vehicle was shared by close clients and friends and as such Bamford Automotive Department then commissioned further cars. These are all made to order and tailored to suit.

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Chronograph offers a bespoke service to those who dream of creating or owning their own piece of automotive history. The company has been designing and delivering, bespoke, one-off and limited production vehicles for a number of private clients, in confidence, since its inception in 2015.

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